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Carmel Sadan, Bhuj (Rajkot)

Carmel Sadan, Bhuj (Rajkot)

Place  Bhuj (Rajkot)
Parish Bhuj
Established Year 1976
Address Carmel Sadan P.B.No.27 Bhuj, Kutch Gujarat 370 001
Pin 370001
Phone 02832 - 254835

History of the Convent


Bhuj which enjoys great economic, social and cultural importance is the headquarters of Kutch, the largest district in the N.West of India. The people are on the whole gentle and pious, worshipping several gods. There are no original Christians in Bhuj. The few Catholics found here are people who have come from other places.


In the valley of the Bhuj hills, a CMC house Carmel Sadan was established. It was the CMI prior General Rev.Fr.Theobald who prepare for CMC the ground for a mission house in Gujarat.


Seeing that the moment was quite ripe for missionaries to start work, Fr.Prior conceded to the request of Mr.Rajaram to make available the service of sisters in this place. Thus the team of four sisters Srs.Eugine, Tessy Kurian, Rositta and Reenet reached Bhuj on July 8th 1976.They were accommodated in a rented building. This convent building was blessed on July 16th; the feast of our Lady of Carmel, and the house was named Carmel sadan. In his homily His Excellency Bishop Jonas said,A light is lit in Bhuj. Yes, the light of CMC was lit in Bhuj.


The sisters of Carmel Sadan started teaching in the school run by the fathers. It was rather a difficult task because many people looked down upon the sisters. Gradually through prayer and activity, they were able to gain affection and appreciation of the people. Carmel Sadan was quite distant from the school, parish church and market and hence the possibility of getting related to people was limited. So they shifted to another rented building. This enabled them to engage themselves in more social work activities. Even the new building was not very close to the school. Realising this difficulty His Excellency Bishop Jonas Thaliath bought a new plot near the school and put up a new building there and it was blessed on April 26th, 1982 by His Excellency.


The main apostolate of the sisters is teaching. Through education and example of life they try to give Jesus to people. Besides teaching, the sisters also take genuine interest in the spiritual welfare of people through house visits, family prayer, catechism and Bible class for adults. They help the parish. Once a week they visit the remand home. Here the children are helped through play, competitions, prayer services and above all by being a friend and guide to them.


The devastating earthquake of 2001, has chnged Bhuj totally. Bhuj, once an affluent city was razed to the ground. Many died, many more left the place. Those left are slowly trying to build up from the ruins. Priests and sisters consider it as a very special providence of God that all of them were saved. The school, the church and convent are all under reconstruction.