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Mount Carmel Convent, Shirur

Mount Carmel Convent, Shirur

Place  Shirur
Parish Pune
Established Year 1997
Address Govt.Certified School M.D.C,Shirur, Pune Dist,
Pin 441 302
Phone Phone : 07112 ? 202525 (M)0960165826
Email govtcsmdc@gmail.com

Angels to the Deprived-Carmel Convent Shirur

The Government certified school Shirur is an institution which took care of mentally challenged girls and women. There were 52 inmates aged from 9 to 48. Since these girls were orphans they were were given inhuman treatment by denying basic rights like food and clothing. They were sexually harassed, physically exploited and considered like animals. The Maharashtra social welfare department requested Sr.Aurea to find someone to run this institution. She presented this matter to the then provincial team of Carmelodaya province. Thus the decision was taken to take up the management of this institution. The first members were Srs.Vimal Rose, Domini Prasanna, Jincy and Clerina.

The service of the sisters has completely changed the face of the institution. Everything was changed into new. Lives of the inmates were totally changed. They were loved, cared and protected. Sisters are like guardian angels to them. They enjoy under the protection of these mothers.