• Final Profession of 2019-2020 batch August 13,2020
  • Academic Year 2020-2021 Inauguration August 1,2020
  • CMC widens her mission internationally- Iraq, Peru etc.
  • Carmel Jyothi Vidyabhavan in her Golden Jubilee Year (2019-2020)

Carmel Convent, Raidanpur

Carmel Convent, Raidanpur

Place  Raidanpur
Parish Raidanpur
Established Year 1986
Address Sr.Superior & Sisters Carmel Convent,Kutch Vikas Trust Raidanpur Village, Nagore P.O, Bhuj Kutch,Gujarat -370001
Pin 370001
Phone 02839-274221
Email cmcraidanpar@gmail.com

History of the Convent


Late Bishop Jonas Thaliath, Bishop of Rajkot had an inspiration to start an institution for the blind and handicapped. With this intention his Lordship had bought 250 acres of land in Raidhanpar village and invited the CMC sisters Ernakulam province to work there, when Sr.Laetus was the provincial of Ernakulam. The sudden demise of the bishop in November 1981 led the entire project to a dormant stage for a few years. But the new Bishop Gregory Karotemprel CMI revived the project in 1983. With the co-operation and help of CBM, he started a unit in a rented house near the Bhuj convent. The director Fr.George Kunnath taking keen interest in it, invited Sr.Kanthidas fron Banglore Whitefield in 1984 to give training to our sisters at the initial stage.


Eventhough Sr.Metty came to Bhuj on 8-12-83 after the teachers training for the blind at Delhi, she went back to Kerala after two months for juniorate and final profession. When the centre started on 1/6/84, in the place of Sr.Metty, Sr.Annie Jaise came from Kerala and took charge of the centre. At this time that is 1984 Mother Borromeo was the provincial in Ernakulam and Sr.Sinoby was the regional superior in Punjab. The foundation stone was laid for the school on 26/5/1985 and for the CMC convent on 19/12/85 in the plot purchased for the purpose. In October 1984 Sr.Johnet also came from Punjab to work in the centre. On 3/7/85 Sr.Metty came back and Sr.Annie Jaise handed over the charge of the centre to her with four blind children and she went back to Kerala. Srs.Johnet and Metty worked together for the upliftment of the blind children. 15/5/86Sr,Antonitte came from Kerala to take charge as the first principal of the newly started integrated school in Raidhanpar.


The centre was shifted  from Bhuj to Raidhanpar on 23/6/86 with 16 blind and physically disabled children. The director, Fr.George Kunnath and Srs.Antonitte, Johnet and Metty accompanied them. The convent was under construction, so they stayed in the hostel with the children. On 5/7/86 two presentation sisters Srs.Therese and Jeena came from Calicut to work with us in K.V.T.(Kutch Vikas Trustas the society is called). On 8/9/86 convent construction was over and the CMC sisters shifted to the convent. On 10/7/86 the school started to function with the children from the hostel and the nearby villages. In 1993 the hostel was entrusted to Savina sisters. Now the CMC sisters are in charge of the school and the central kitchen. In the school visually impaired, physically disabled and normal children study together. The school is up to the X standard and the medium of instruction is English.


Now the Kutch Vikas trust has engaged itself in over twenty programmes and projects, for the welfare and development of the villagers around.

At the beginning only the CMC was here in this campus. Now there are four other groups besides the CMC. They are the Presentation, Savina sisters, St.Anns and Blessed Alphonsa sisters. They are working here in different departments. At present 3 fathers and 2 brothers are in charge of the general management, running and supporting of the different departments.


After the Killer earth quake of January 26th 2001, KVT is supporting many people and giving shelter to many of the homeless. Besides, KVT has become the centre from where the rehabilitation and other welfare activities of the area are planned and implemented.