• Final Profession of 2019-2020 batch August 13,2020
  • Academic Year 2020-2021 Inauguration August 1,2020
  • CMC widens her mission internationally- Iraq, Peru etc.
  • Carmel Jyothi Vidyabhavan in her Golden Jubilee Year (2019-2020)


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Sr Lissy Augustine (General Council2)

Sr. Lissy Augustine- Profile

Sr. Lissy Augustine is a beautiful gift to   our congregation. She is deeply rooted in Carmelite spirituality and in love for her congregation.  Her promptness and quickness, initiative and proactive qualities and high organizing abilities are hallmark of her personality. In 1954 she was born at Kallur which belongs to Thrissur Arch diocese as the eldest child of the family. After completing her M.Sc in Maths and B.Ed she was working as a teacher in Sacred Heart Convent School of Nirmala Province, Thrissur.  It was then; she listened to the divine call to embrace religious life in 1983. When she was a junior sister,   enthused by zeal and zest she received a call within a call    to become a    missionary by working in Nirmal Jyoti Region, Bina in the year 1985. Though she was a permanent high school staff in the aided school at Trichur   she took a challenging decision to resign from the service for the permanent option to the mission.  Definitely, she outshines as an experienced teacher of Mathematics. She is the first LLB degree holder, and has PG Diploma in Counseling Psychology. She rendered valuable service as a principal in Good Shepherd Sr. Sec. School, Shahdol (1992-2000, 2010-2013) and Nirmal Jyoti Sr.Sec. School, Bina (2002-2003). Due to her commendable service in the field of education she was honored with the Best Educationist Award by the International Institute of Education and Management Delhi in 2012. She was one of the Provincial Councillors in the first Provincial council Team of Nirmal Jyoti Province and provincial Superior from 2003 to 2009 and the Vicar Provincial from 2012 to 2015. Her spirit filled and risk taking leadership is always being cherished in the Province with love and respect.