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Sr.Silvia CMC (General Council4)

  Sr. Silvia was born on 2nd January 1929 as the daughter of Appachan and Rosamma in the Medayil family in Pallikkottumma Parish in Changanacherry diocese.  She was attracted to religious life following her elder sisters Sr.Agnes and Sr.Beninja after completing her school education. Her first profession was in 1950 and took her final profession in 1953. From 1954 till 1963 she could render her valuable service at different parishes like Cherpunkel, Muttuchira and Kadaplamattam. She was an inspiration to the colleagues. She was sent to Rome for her theological studies and came back in 1967 with a master degree in theology. Again she was appointed as the teacher in St. Marys HSS Kuravilangad. From there she was appointed to serve the unified C.M.C. in the general level.

            Then the long 13 years Mother Silvia dedicated her selfless service in the generalate. She was the first Prefect of Studies of Carmel Jyothi. Her apostolic field got widened when she was elected as the general councilor in 1968. In 1974 she became the guiding star of C.M.C. being the Superior General. Mother Silvia was able to lead C.M.C. with renewed spirit and vision. There was so much of life and motivation and intelligence, friendliness and availability and deep religious commitment in all her endeavors for C.M.C. Re-writing the Constitution and Statutes of the congregation forming the emblem of C.M.C, starting of C.R.T with the intention of the renewal of our community, and starting charismatic movement in C.M.C. etc.were the daring steps that mother had undertaken with the assistance of the general council.

            Foreign mission was the result of the broad vision and farsightedness of Mother Silvia. It was during her time that we started our mission in Africa, America, Rome and Germany. Actually the role of Mother Silvia is vital to make C.M.C. an international congregation, says our former mother General Stella Maria.

            It was during her time, the formation of our Missionary sisters was decided to be conducted in the mission itself. Sisters were sent for theological studies during her time. A common juniorate was another result of the dream of mother Silvia. It was mother Silvia who started a weaving centre and Jyothi Mahila centre as part of our generalate for the upliftment of the poor womenfolk.

            After completing the official period in the Generalate in 1980, she continued to be teacher in S.H.GHS Ramapuram up to 1982. It was then she was elected as the provincial superior of Jaya Matha Province, Pala. She had an indomitable courage and determined determination to start new ventures for the spiritual renewal of the sisters. Tabore prayer house was yet another beautiful result of the dream of mother Silvia. The love and concern of mother Silvia to the poor people found its revelation in establishing a balabhavan at Cherpunkal and an old age home at Moonnanni.

            She widened the horizon of the mission stations under the province. Besides she started a quarterly bulletin as Jaya malar for the province. She worked as the Director, superior of Tabor prayer house and the associate principal of Bethania Theological Institute, Arunapuram under the diocese of Pala. She is the pioneer of Tabore Bulletin also.

            After the retirement she spent her life in Nazareth Bhavan Balabhavan Cherpunkel. It was during this period that she published her books, Kinnaram Chartia Alarivriksham and Aradhahyude Nimishangalil. She celebrated the Golden Jubilee in year of 2000.

            She was suffering from so many diseases at the close of her years of earthly life. She spent her last years in the convent of Cherpunkel and was hospitalized in between. On 5th February 2004 she had a cardiac arrest and called for eternal life. She was brought to the convent on 7th night. Her burial was taken place at 2.30pm on 8th February    in the Holy Cross cemetery Cherpunkal with due respect in the presence of thousands of people including bishops, priests, sisters and laity especially general councils. His Excellency Mar Joseph Pallikaparambil was present all throughout the funeral ceremony.

            Her nobility, the deep spiritual convictions, the indomitable courage and determination, the love for C.M.C. charism and her constant smiling face make her alive even today in the hearts of C.M.C. as well as all who knew her.Yes. She was an inspiration .