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Dr. Sr. Cleoptra CMC (General Council2)

 In response to the Divine call Sr. Cleopatra joined in the CMC Congregation and took first Profession in 1952. After her final Profession in 1956, she joined in the college and  became  Professor  and  Head of the   Department of English , Vimala College Thrissur, and Holy Cross College Nagercoil, Kannyakumari,Dt.Tamil Nadu. She took her B.A. in English Major and  Theology  Minor and M.A.S.D. in Theology from ST. Mary`s College ,Indiana and A.M. in English from University of Notre Dam, Indiana, U.S.A..She took her Ph.D.in English from the University of Calicut.

Sr. Cleopatra has served as  Senate  Member of the University of Calicut, Member of the Pass Board, and PG Board of studies ,member of the Faculty and Examination  Reform Committee and as a manager of  Vimala College and St. Mary`s Colleges in Thrissur. She was the secretary of K.S.T. and N.S.T. for about 10 years.

She was elected Provincial Superior of  Nirmala Province Trissur and served two terms  from 1986-1992. She was also elected National President of the CRI (women Section) from 1989-1992.She participated in the AMOR IX and X Asian Meeting of Religious in different countries.

She officially took up the Cause of  Mother  Euphrasia . After the Provincialship Sr. Cleopatra was appointed Vice- Postulator . From 1992-1997 she was served as the CBCI first Secretary of the newly formed Women`s Desk Commission and served for six years. She participated in the 4th World Conference on women in China and also in the  International  Meeting of women Leaders in Rome, as the only representative of South Asia at the invitation of Pope John 11nd. She was awarded the Literary Award to the Writers by the Kalasadan Trissur Diocese and  `Bharathmatha Award` from Calcutta  in recognition of her life ,career and achievements.

In 1997 she was elected General Councillor .she published a few books  and  wrote numerous  articles in Current magazines and Souvenirs..