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Sr. Fidelis CMC (General Council2)

                                  Sr Fidelis Gods special gift for CMC was born at Arakuzha in the Ernakulum Dist., Kerala, as the daughter of late Mrs. Annakutty and Mr. Varkey, Matheikal. Arakuzha, the ancient  parish belongs to the Diocese of Kothamangalam.Through the First Profession, Mother dedicated herself to God Almighty on 15th April 1966 and her Final Profession was on13th April 1972.

                                   After the First Profession, Sr.Fidelis was sent for higher academic studies. Being a member in the Muvattupuzha community for three years, she deepened herself in her religious commitment and became a graduate in Biology. For the next one year, she rendered her service as a teacher in St Josephs School Upputhodu. During the years 1972-73 she took B.Ed from the Regional College, Mysore. Learning and acquiring the special qualities and traits of an excellent teacher, Sr. Fidelis imparted knowledge as well as moral values to thousands of youngsters in the prestigious institution FMGHSS Koompanpara. In the year 1975, she came back to Kozhippilly and was sent to Mater Dei, Goa for getting deep rooted in Theological Studies. For the next three years she extended her selfless service as the Provincial Secretary at the Provincial House Kozhippilly. During these years she was also working as a High School Teacher in SAGHSS Kothamangalam. From the year 1980 onwards, she engaged in the special field of Formation as the Mistress of the Aspirants and the Postulants. Here she proved her skill in understanding and training the formees. For a long period of nine years she surrendered herself as an instrument in the Divine Hands for moulding souls for Jesus. Sr. Fidelis served the Province as Provincial Councillor during the term 1989-1991 and her service was widened to CMC at large as General Councillor From1991 to 1997.During these years she continued teaching at SAGHSS Kothamangalam.

                                 Well done, you good and faithful servant!.......you have been faithful in managing small amounts, so I will put you in charge of large amounts(Matthew: 25,21). This was what happened in the life of our dear mother. She had been faithful in everything that God Almighty entrusted upon her-exactly like the faithful servant in the biblical parables. So the Heaven chose and gave her as the Superior General of CMC for six years.  Completing this huge but noble task fruitfully and effectively, she proved her fidelity further.

                                            This was the crucial time for the new born province of CMC-Carmelgiri, Idukki.  We firmly believe that it was only for us God inspired Mother Fidelis to opt for IdukkiThanks a million to the wonderful ways of Heaven!  We shall never forget the valuable suggestions and guidance that Rev. Mother has given during these years of helplessness. From the year 2003 to 2006 Mother supported the Province taking up the responsibility of  Local Superior at Machiplavu. The Provincial Synaxis of 2006 elected her as the Provincial Superior and she was re-elected in 2009.

                                            Mother Fidelis is a person of integrity and everyone agrees on this. While bearing the heavy burden of leadership also, she leads a serene life peaceful as a child in the secure hands of its mother. It is simply because of her deep faith, strong hope and earnest love. Since Mother is highly enthusiastic and energetic, she inspires everyone who comes in contact with her.

                                             Words become insufficient at times.and this is such a moment The entire family of CMC expresses its heartfelt gratitude and love towards our beloved Fidelisamma ..With sincere prayers and good wishes for the chosen blessings of Almighty God