• Final Profession of 2019-2020 batch August 13,2020
  • Academic Year 2020-2021 Inauguration August 1,2020
  • CMC widens her mission internationally- Iraq, Peru etc.
  • Carmel Jyothi Vidyabhavan in her Golden Jubilee Year (2019-2020)

Saint Mary Higher Secondary School, Porbandar

Saint Mary Higher Secondary School, Porbandar

Place : Porbandar
Parish: Porbandar
Established Year: 1985
Short Name: St Mary
Address: Saint Mary School Porbandar B/h District court.Opp Aerodrome PB No; 29
Pin: 360575
Phone: 0286 2220835
Email: smspbr@reddifmail.com

Saint Mary School was Born out of the Education vision of St.Kuriakose Elias Chavara, the founder of CMI and CMC Congregations. St.CDhavara was a great Educationalist and Social Reformer of the 19th century. He could fore see the changes in the environment and make statregic moves to build up a better Society based on the fatherhood of God and brotherhood of Humanity. He was a poet saint who initiated a movement of socio culture reformation of society by establishing schools , printing press, Home for the aged and activities aiming at the Soiritual renewal of people.

Our Vision:

We envisage the total formation of the young generation of the time for the enrichment and that of the society and the Nation at large. 

Our Mission: 

We dedicater ourselves to the mission ofn training the present generation for academic excellence and Charector formation based on value system, Love of God and service to the Society and to the Country.