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Missionary activities of  the convents in ITALY

Villa Carmel 

You will be witnesses for me in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8) .
The life giving words of Jesus which has echoed thousand centuries ago on the aquatic shore of Galilee, on the hills, and valleys of Judea and the cities and streets of Jerusalem are still resounding till the end of the world. Following his foot steps, CMC rooted in Christ, rooted in Indian culture and by the heritage of St. Thomas called to witness to his mission mandate through their active and contemplative life. We recall the invitation the Lord extended to st. Paul when he said to him take courage, for as you have testified about me at Jerusalem, so you must bear witness also at Rome (Acts 23: 11). And it was also the cherished dream of our former superior generals that to witness and make our presence felt in this eternal city, where many saintly souls and martyrs sacrificed their life for Christian faith.

The call to CMC is a call to service in the church. God has chosen CMC daughters to accomplish this witnessing mandate. Glowing with the spirit of deep faith in Jesus, the then superior general Mother Silvia courageously took a drastic step, by sending Sr. Jaya (IDK), Sr. Anila (BPL) to Rome to study nursing in the year 1977. Shortly on Sr. Lincy(TMY), Sr. Flory (AKMY) Sr. Remy (PLA), Sr. Mary John (PLA) joined for nursing.  After a couple of years Sr. Magi (PLA), Sr. Lisset (PLA) Sr. Rosy (BPL) Sr. Cicy Sebastian) CHY) joined with them.

During the loving service of superior general mother Silvia, after having completed their nursing, , five of the sisters, Sr. Jaya, Sr. Anila, Sr.Lincy, Sr. Flory, Sr. Mary John has formed villa Carmel community and started their apostolic mission working as staff nurses. They stayed provisionally in one of the quarters of villa Irma hospital. Following year Sr.Magi(PLA),Sr.Rosy(BPL),Sr.Lisset(PLA),Sr. Joe Maria (TCR), Sr. Reshmy (IJK) joined with the community and offered their service in the hospital.

It is heartening that a house of our own in this eternal city. Ever since their arrival, they desired for it and worked hard. God who is gracious and merciful, out of his bounty deign to fulfill his beloved ones desire by giving us a new convent. 1994, june5th, a memorable day in the annals of CMC and the new convent was blessed by the then CBCI president, the Arch bishop of Changanacherry, Mar Joseph Powethil, and the message was delivered by the bishop of Kalayan , his Grace paul Chittilapally. On this auspicious occasion Superior General Mother Benicasia welcomed one and all and many other dignitaries were present that day. Fr. Halzbaever S.J(director of caritas Germany), Fr. Lucas Vithuvettical(procurator General of CMI Rome), Monsignor George Mifsud( Prefect of Oriental Congregation), Fr. Anastasio OCO( Provincial of Genova province), and Monsignor Antony Chirayth(Bishop of Sagar) were the special guests of the day.

The humble office of leading the new community was entrusted to Sr. Reshmy(IJK). Members of the community were Sr. Lincy, Sr. Lisset, Sr. Mary John,Sr. Rosy and Sr. Joe Maria. 1994 August 17th villa Carmel assumed its new title procura of CMC. In 1996, Sr. Mary John(PLA) was appointed as the first regional Superior.Sr.Rosy(BPL),Sr.Joe Maria(TCR),Sr.Cicy Sebastian(CHY) rendered their loving service respectively. At present Sr. Nancy Maria (TLY)is carrying out this task. During these years Sr.Lincy, Sr. Lisset, have served the community as local superiors.

The present community of Villa Carmel is formed under the leadership of Sr. Deepa (BPL) and members are Sr. Lisset (PLA) Sr. Jeeva (TCR), Sr. Annie Therese (PLA). They offer their service in different departments of the hospital such as gynecology, medical, cardiology, and pediatric. Besides physical care they provide spiritual and psychological help to the patience and their relatives. We make ourselves available especially for people who are burdened with pains and sorrows, ills and ailments, stress and strain etc.  Through active listening and prayer we help them to experience the love and peace of Christ. And also we assist them in their sacramental needs. In accordance with the hospital chaplain, sisters made arrangements to have Holy Mass in each ward every fortnight and on important feast days for the bed- ridden patients.


Sisters strive to keep up good relation ship with their neighboring families and promote every year annual gathering of the families. Besides this, in preparation of Christmas we arrange Holy mass and sharing of meals in our community. We do participate in various activities that are arranged by Syro Malabar catholics in Rome and of Marthama Yogam


Magliana community 

It is the great providence of Almighty that brought CMC to a new place to form her second community which is known as Magliana. .it is a neurological rehabilitation centre under the patronage of Knights of Malta. According to the request of the hospital authorities, Sr. Rose Maria (AKMY), Sr. Starly (KLM), Sr. Cicy Sebastian(CHY) started their healing ministry in St. John of the Baptist hospital in 1995. Later on Sr. Annie Grace (CHY) and Sr. Nancy Maria (TLY) joined the community and began their service. Sr. Cicy Sebastian was appointed as the first local superior and Sr. Rose Maria, Sr. Starly, Sr. Annie served as local superiors respectively. At present Sr. Nancy Maria is the local superior.

We begin our apostolate by drawing strength and energy from the daily Eucharist, through the mediation of Mother Mary and lovingly holding the hands of saints. Along with medicine we offer God`s unconditional love, care and comfort to the patience. Patience who has got great desire and health, we bring them to partake in the Holy Mass and holy rosary. Besides it we prepare them for confession, Mass and make all the arrangements for them to receive sacraments.  We give them the sacrament of anointing of the sick to the patience who are very serious and about to die.

Being conscious of our call, we make use of all our energy and strength to help our brethren, to listen their joys and sorrows, pains and ailments of their daily life. Those whom we serve consider us as their own sisters and we are known as angels in our respective wards. Hospital authorities and our colleagues value and esteem our very presence among them. Wedo our best to witness to Christs unconditional love through our words and deeds. We march forward with hope and love




Padvena community 

It is a great providence that brought CMC community in this land of St. Antony of Paduva.  Many are the hands that worked for it.
According to the wishes of His Grace Pietro Brullo, the Bishop of Belluno Feltre, Sr. Jaya (IDK), Sr. Anila (BPL).reached Padvena in 1996, to work in the Casa di soggiorno (aged home). This is an aged home founded by the Franciscan conventuals of Paduva. The immates of this aged home were edified by the behavior of our Pioneer sisters, and requested more sisters to work in the aged home. Thus Sr. Helen (EKM), Sr. Elsa (IDR) joined the community later. The atmosphere here is very conducive for the elderly people to live their peacefully and happily.

The present community is formed under the superior ship of Sr. Joe Maria (TCR) and the members are Sr. Nirmal (PLA), Sr. Megi(IJK), and Sr. Rekha (EKM). The people whom we serve are not sick but they are elderly, with a wounded heart, burdened with painful memories.  When we observe the attitude and approach of these people we realize that those who had cherished dreams of life live here also cheerfully and happily. They are very optimistic to towards life. They keep a smile for themselves and others. At the same time we see people who are resentful, aggressive, and unhappy. We spend time with them; allow them to ventilate their feelings and emotions. We help them to restore their dignity, the dignity of Gods children and to walk with God and with us, the firm, secure steps, to pass with purpose like Him- to pass doing good and healing (Acts 10:38). We keep a prayer for them daily in our heart.



Ave Maria Convent Visone

His Grace Michiardi, the Bishop of Acqui diocese and Fr. Anastasio OCD has invited CMC sisters to render our service in the home land of our co- founder, Rev. Fr. Leopold. Before the establishment of the community, the former superior general mother Edward, along with the assistant superior Sr. Sancta visited Visone and decided to found a convent. They discussed the matters together with the parish priest of Vignola, Don Alberto, and aftermath of it was that a new community was established in 2010, 8th September. Sr. Mary John(PLA) is the first Superior and members are Sr. Anupama (TLY), and Sr. Amal Grace (KPLY). Sr. Blessy (IDK) has arrived as a new member of the community on 21st August, 2012.

A good number of the priests in this diocese are elderly and numerically young priests are very few. Hence we are here to render spiritual help to the people of God. We try to be present at all the activities of the parish and also we help in the sacristy. Besides of it we help them in the nursery, teach catechism, visiting the neighboring houses especially people who are sick and we pray along with them.

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CMC Community Arensano Genova 
Arensano monastery was founded in 1889 by Rev. Fr. Leopold OCD the cofounder of CMC and is situated in the diocese of Genova. There is a pilgrim centre by the side of the monastery which is named after child Jesus and we are called by the OCD fathers to offer our service in this pilgrimage centre. The new community was founded during the loving service of the superior general Mother Sancta. Sr. Lincy (TMY) is appointed as the local superior of the community and its members are Sr. Catherine (MTDY), Sr. Shalet (TLY), and Sr. Ann Mary (TMY).

Out of great love for our brethren we provide all help for the pilgrims as well as we actively participate all the activities of the pilgrimage center. We prepare for the Holy Mass, help in the sacristy, assist in the stall where they sell religious articles and also the stall for African mission. We too teach English in the minor seminary.  They highly appreciate our dedication and good example. Thus we witness to Christ through our daily activities.

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We left our home and homeland and the people whom we serve are our dear and near ones. They love us and we too love them through our words and deeds above all through our different apostolate we bear witness to Christ and offer the unconditional love of the father. so we are carrying out the mission mandate that you be my witness till the end of the world. We ceaselessly work for Christ with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Sr. Nancy Maria,Rome