Healing Ministry

In my name..they shall lay hands, on the sick, and they shall recover (Mk16/18)

Medical service is a crying need in our world. It is praise worthy that the CMC ministry of healing has an important role in our work of evangelization. The dedicated service, care and comfort of the sisters working in the hospitals and dispensaries offer to the sick and their relatives at the hour of their greatest need and distress bear witness to the love, compassion and kindness of Christ who while on earth healed the sick and comforted and afflicted. The ministry of healing has added to our life of prayers this most needed service of the health care of the people. Our Lord distinguished himself in his sympathy for the sick and handicapped. That is a sign for the people that Christ has come. Even today we send these angels of good health to announce the presence of Christ amidst them.

No earthly money can compensate for services prompted by the love of God. This is reflected through every dedicated hand that comes to nurse the sick as it has so magnificently reflected through Florence Nightingale, Mother Theresa years ago. Where else do we see the love of God manifested abundantly? Only that prompting love which comes from the Lord could lead the restless, painful and agonizing patients. That is what we could experience in the Ministry of Healing as the Carmel sisters of missionary has been engaged. Through Jesus Christ our loving Lord and active healer we are witnessing the third millennium of Jesus coming into our midst as fellow pilgrim and savior. The application of the healing gifts of the Holy Spirit to simple psychology seems very significant. It is with the hope that many have joined in developing the ministry of healing through prayerful discernment and for the sake of those who suffer.