Social Work

Never withhold just wages from labourers or make undue delay in paying them. Do not insult the poor.(complete works of St.Chavara, vol IV)

It is my desire and Gods will that you learn all this work. Think that you will become saints by this work and do them with interest.  [CMC Chro.Vol.1)

Dont lose in virtue even if you lose in money.

Daughters show mercy to the servants.   ( The praying mother)


  Personal sanctification through the blending of contemplation and action

   The redemptive up liftment of the people of God especially of women and children


Build up a harmonious society, where everyone enjoys the dignity of life, a life in love, peace and justice as the citizens of the Kingdom of God.


Building up safe and secure families and communities in the Society, by liberating them from all kinds of bondages and enable them to lead a dignified life by concentrating the women and children through the personal and community programmes for their empowerment.

Instead of contributing through individual works of charity to maintaining the status quo, we need to build a just social order in which all receive their share of the worlds goods and no longer have to depend on charity.   (God is love, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI )

Milestones of CMC in Social Work Apostolate
1868Boarding at Koonammavu
1880The first orphanage at Koonammavu
1921Home for unwed mothers at Chengal , Kalady
1923 Shelter home for infants to oldage people in  Trichur
1924St. Marys industrial school in Trichur . It is the  best among  the private industrial schools
1956Getting grant through central social welfare   board in Karukutty
1962Holy Family technical training centre for  textile technology in Pala
1964Relief  for  refugees from  Bangladesh in   Hazaribag  &  Calcutta
1975 Rehabilitation  of  slum  dwellers and exploited people
1977 Creche, Mahila Samaj
1980 Working womens hostel, Programmes related with  malnutrition, Vivahasahayanidhi  for  poor  girls
1982 Education fund for poor students
1983 Adult education, Balawadies, Free tuition, Special schools
1983 Took up the entire management of the Jawahar   Match    Factory  under Khadi Board in Ramalloor
1986  Housing  schemes  started in collaboration with the Government
1986Fifty three old age homes
1986Prison Ministry started in Changanassery
1986Sisters who worked in institutions for 10 years, have to move towards        the poor and marginalized people
1986 Fourty two sisters started to live with poor   and needy   through simple life style in 12 convents
1989 De- addiction  centre
1989 Caring the children  in market place and railway stations
1989 Counseling  and life guidance courses
1991Sisters   started to working  in  Apex Voluntary  Agencies for Rural Development (AVARD,1991) ,
1991Attappadi  Social  Service  Organization (ASSO,1991)
1997Adoption of  2000 families  related to Maha jubilee(1997-2000)
1997 Started to work in Peerumedu  Development  society: SHG, Credit  Union, Small saving scheme.
1997 Jana Seva Project in Mananthavadi and Pushpa Welfare Society  in N.R. Pura
1997 Cyriac Elias Organization for women  and children  in 22 villages
1997 Women Animation Programme, income generation programme, child  health programme,Gruhini school
1999 Teaching  catechism in prison (Hazaribagh)
1999     Self sufficiency for 2000 women through various training programmes
2000 Awareness programmes for HIV Aids
2000 Water shed programme in Jagadalpur
2000Built  24  houses  in   Carmel Garden 
2000Rehabilitation  Centre  for  HIV  Aids
2005City based evangelization 
2006Penuval  Garden in  Thalassery  for street children
2009Migrant workers Movement
2009Legal Service  Providing  centres  for   women in     domestic violence
2010Zero budget natural farming, Food security, Waste management   awareness programmes, eco-friendly  programmes
2010Collaboration with Kerala  Labour  Movement
2010Sarathi- helpline For Drivers
2010 Counseling  for Adolescent Girls  in Govt. and Aided  Higher secondary schools
Sl. No.ItemsNo.No. of Beneficiaries
1Housing Aid 857
2Medical Aid 3703
3Education 1225
4Employment 268
5Marriage 740
6Health Awareness Programme 8525
7Social Awareness Programmes 5930
8Women Empowerment Programme 7505
9Literacy Programme 960
10Eco-friendly Programme 867
11Revolving Fund Programme (Specify) 152
12S.H.Gs (1443 Group)1443 Groups15222
13IGP (Specify) 66
14Health  & Sanitation 5243
15Food Security 2798
16Jail Ministry 1809
17HIV& Aids  Centres-444813
18De- Addicted Centre 120
19Counselling Centres 786
20Vocational Trg. Centres 1347
21Welfare for the Dalit Christians (Specify) 378
22Welfare for the street Children 1266
23Special Schools-24241773
25Home for the Aged19530
26Akasaparavakal 588