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Rajkot - Vimal Jyothi Region


             Jesus, the first missionary entrusted His mission, of proclaiming the Good News to His disciples in his parting words:  You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth (Acts.1/8b). The church faithfully carries out the mission of her Divine Master from generation to generation. The vibration of this missionary zeal prompted CMC Pavanathma Province Kothamangalam to step into the mission soil of Gujarat in the year 1979 at the request of the late Bishop Jonas Thaliath the first Bishop of Rajkot Diocese. Vimal Jyothi Region is an offshoot of Pavanathma Province Kothamanglam comprising 8 houses and 35 members, who are engaged in spreading the Light of Christ, through various apostolic activities in collaboration with the Diocese. The pioneers were Sr. Celestine Sr. Della, Sr.Vijaya, Sr. Betty and Sr. Therese Maria. Through our very presence and works we inscribe Jesus in the hearts of many and herald His message through our lives in this great land of Gujarat.

A vibrant step can make the way different. Imbibing the vision and mission of our founding fathers, Bl. Chavara and Fr. Leopold we nurture our call through the ministries of education, social work, healing ministry, pastoral work, boarding houses etc. Though direct evangelization is impossible in Gujarat we have ample opportunities to do the same indirectly.

School is an  ocean of knowledge where a child meets goodness and talents. Love is the language of God where people dip themselves irrespective of caste and creed. Care, concern and loving touch are the soothing hands where people get healed physically and mentally.  So we the Vimal Jyothi sisters are spreading the fragrance of Christ through our different apostolates. We have two English Medium Schools-one in the coastal town of Porbandar which is the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation.

And the other in Upleta. These institutions give us the platform to imprint Jesus and His values in thousands and thousands of young minds Through the medium of children we are spreading the Good News to countless families. We give priority to faith formation of the children and thus we take active interest in sowing the Word of God to bear hundred fold fruits. Our students are so trained to extend their hands to the under privileged. In the field of education we hold on to the Gospel ideal of option for the poor. So we provide free and compulsory education  to the marginalized and the poor. The informal education we started paved the way to establish a school in vernacular language at Porbandar in the same school building of English medium with all its facilities. Teachers and students of English Medium contribute generously to the running of the Gujarati Medium. Thus our sisters try their level best to enlighten the young minds in imparting real values of life .We give admission to all Catholic children .We are proud to say that the outgoing students are our real witnesses who are  baptized not in water but in spirit.

As part of evangelization joining with the diocese ,  we render our service to diocesan school and boarding house in Limbdi. In the annals of Vimal Jyothi , Limbdi has its own unique place because we started our missionary journey from St. Thomas School providing education to the people of the soil. Christian formation and the integral growth of all children is the vision of this boarding house. For its fulfillment we give free tuition , classes in music, art and craft etc. As a result of our hardwork a few families are in the process of receiving Baptism. Joining with the CMI congregation we kindle the light of Jesus in Khambhalia through value based education.

In collaboration with the diocese, sisters actively involve in the fields of Social Work, Healing ministry and Pastoral Work .Sisters take every effort to empower the women and children of the society. In order to cultivate a genuine belief in the hearts of the people, sisters take up various developmental programmes. Co-operating with the Government of Gujarat our sisters move from village to village for the eradication of contageous diseases like T.B. They extend their helping hands to the ailing people through mobile clinics. No medicine or ointment cured them. They were restored to health by your word, O Lord, the word which heals all humanity.(wis.16/12).The magnetic power of the Word of God is the strength of our healing ministry. Our sisters are animating the villagers through different programmes like training programmes for farmers ,Youth leadership programmes, Health awareness programmes, Social awareness programmes Ecco spirituality, Vocational Training programmes, S.H.G, CBDP(Community Based Development Programmes) ,Exposure Visits, Lillian Funds etc. We contribute a lot to empower even the emigrant refugees. Gujarat is a fertile land for the missionaries but the percentage of Christianity is only 0.56%. Yet we could touch the hearts of many through our sincere efforts . May God send His showers of blessings upon this land  Gujarat to be a Christian state through His chosen missionaries.