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Jagdalpur - Jagathmatha Province

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Jagdalpur - Jagathmatha Province


A Daring step

     Jagdalpur is the undeveloped tribal area of Chhattisgarh with unique culture, art and traditions. At the time of our entry the people there were leading a primitive life style. The people were bounded with superstitions. In the absence of proper medical facilities and education people were forced to trust in Manthras and Poojas for cure. To this dark area of our motherland sisters entered with CMI fathers with  the light of faith.

     The sisters of Jaya Matha Province Pala began their missionary work  in Jagdalpur , the newly formed exarchate on 23rd June 1972 at the invitation of Rt. Rev. Msgr. Paulinose Jeerakathu CMI the then exarch. Mother Mary Angel the then Mother Provincial of Pala Province sent the pioneer sisters Sr. Rositta,Sr. Mary Patience and Sr. Lucin Mary to start the first convent of  Jagdalpur  exarchate in Kirandul. They started their apostalate in Prakash Vidyalaya Kirandul and they acted as leaven in the small parish community there. With the zeal and spirit of early Christians and the commitment of the early missionaries they went ahead with their mission.

Growth and Progress

From Kirandul sisters  extended their activities to other parts of the state. First they moved to Kanker n 1974. In Kanker sisters render service in English Medium school, in parish, in boarding and also in the social development of the villagers. Staying at Kanker sisters extended their service to Kothagaon a. rural village that time. Sisters committed service made fruitful the dream of the villagers of achieving education for their children, medical care specially for women and children and the all round development of the village and villagers through Balwaddis, Grihini schools, boarding Houses for tribal children,watershed programmes Self Help  Groups and through other similar programmes. Sisters could present the face of Jesus to the villagers through such activities. As time went on sisters moved to another village  Bhiragaon in 1986,where they continued the indirect evangelization programmes through developmental activities. Occasionally direct programmes also were conducted such as preaching word of God to large masses publicly which called the enmity of the antichristian groups. So sisters couldnot go ahead much with such direct programmes. In both these stations sisters stayed in mud houses identifying themselves with the villagers.


In 1986 at the repeated request of the people of Kondagaon  sisters opened a convent and an English Medium School in Kondagaon named after Bl. Chavara which is a reputed school in the locality today. In 1997 sisters took another significant step that they extended their activities to Raipur diocese rendering service in a Parish and school at Bhattapara.

      In the long run the CMC at Jagdalpur and Raipur Dioceses flourished as aRegion in 1998 with 6 convents expanding their services by many a means including village development programmes,dispensaries,clinics, boarding ministry, vocational Training centres and schools. When the Region was erected in 1998 the convent Chavara Sadan Kondagaon was raised as the Regional House.

        At the request of the Bishop of Raipur, to render our services in taking care of the sick  and old priests of Raipur Dioceses, we took the station of Amilidihi. There is a very good parish community too. The sisters work actively in the faith formation of the people by conducting prayer meetings,preparing them for sacraments etc.

      In 2003 sisters opened a school and convent in Tilda, aiming at the spiritual and physical formation of the children and faithful there. They give leadership in all the parish activities.

     In the village Bhanpuri sisters started a convent for the upliftment of villagers. Sisters try to present Jesus the Lord to these villagers through different human developmental programmes.

Sisters concentrated mainly to conscientice them of their dignity through awareness programmes and to equip them  for a better living physically and morally. The tailoring centre  at Bhanpuri helps women to get trained and equipped in tailoring and enable them to stand on their feet.

An Overview of Apostolate.

     The sisters of the Region are mainly involved in the formation and upliftment of children and villagers specially village women and thus they witness the love of Jesus for the whole mankind. Two convents are totally for the villagers especially for women. Sisters witness the redeeming love of Jesus through different activities such as training programmes , Social development and Awareness Programmes, Programmes on Health and Hygene and so on.

     As Chhattisgarh is known for its unique culture and heritage also known for Naxals and Terrorists. The daily news of terrorism in the interior villages of Chhattisgarh doesnt put down our Zeal and spirit but we take it as a challenge and go ahead courageously.

     Whatever activities we do our main concern is to impart Jesus love to all the people who come in contact with us. To make Jesus Known and to sow the seeds of faith in the vast field of Chhattisgarh and to yield crop 100% is our aim. A few of our sisters are totally involved in direct faith formation of the faithful visiting parish to parish and house to house.

    Our long tiresome efforts in the soil of Chhattisgarh started to bear fruit. Now the Region has 7 professed sisters from the soil and 12 are in formation. Now we look fo