• Let's move forward to the Marginalized with the Joy of the Gospel.




Let us kindle the Spark

Arise, Shine : for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you (Is. 60,1)

Consecrated life today needs a spiritual rebirth. And  of  its new and special consecration (SAC no, 20)

You have not only a glorious history to remember to do even greater things (VC,110) Blessed John Paul Second  through his exhortation tells us that the rebirth in consecrated life is possible only through a radical renewal which will enable a religious to complete the great history that she has to accomplish.

Based on the contemporary teachings of the church and the decisions of the general synaxis the highest body of the congregation ,CMC is ever alert to give individual and community level renewal to her daughter. Lets call it as a process of ongoing formation of the different stages religious life.

The renewal programmes are offered by the General Councillor for renewal in collaboration with Central Renewal Team (CRT) and Provincial Renewal Team (PRT).

The various programmes conducted are the following:


PROGRAMME FOR Five years:No. of participants: 101




Who satisfies you with good as long as you live , so that your youth is renewed like the eagles  Ps. 103,5

A rebirth programme is conducted for the sisters who completed 12 years after their final profession. Its a programme for the cream of the congregation for a radical renewal. The programme is conducted in three batches. This year a total number of 131 sisters participated in this programme held at Mother House.

PROGRAMME FOR 25 YEARS: No. of participants: 101

PROGRAMME FOR 50 YEARS: No. of participants: 104



A joyful heart is life itself and rejoicing lengthens ones life span (Sir 30, 22). This joy and happiness we must find and experience in our own communities. The fulfillment of this word of God was materialized when each community in the congregation was concentrated to execute this programme. A span of four months time to availed for the completion of this programme.


Programme for 5 years : No. of participants - 156

Programme for 12 years : No. of participants: 180

Programme for 25 years : No. of participants: 120

Programme for 50 years : No. of participants: 117