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CMC Mission

CMC Mission

The prime duty and goal of the establishment of our congregation was to enable the people of God to understand the meaning of the gift of faith and also help and support them to worship God in spirit and truth and lead them to infinite bliss of mystery of the salvation of Christ.CMC renders her faithful service not only in India but rather, in continents like Africa, America and Europe with much dedication. Her beauty is doubled due to the presence of indigenous vocations from other states of India and Africa. Thus the Abode of Virtue for the girls of Malabar, started at Koonammavu, has reached the ends of the earth with the Good News of Salvation beyond the limits of time,culture and place. The first mission outside Kerala was to Punjab in 1958. Today we have 7 provinces and 6 regions outside Kerala.

CMC is crossing the 150th  year of its existence. God blessed our congregation to grow from 4 members to about 6500 professed sisters and 500 formees of different stages. Our missionary presence in North India is about 57 years and in Africa is 38 years .It is a welcome sign that we are getting sprouts of vocation from the North Indian Missions and the African soil.

                    In addition to the traditional forms of Apostolates like Education,Health Care,Social Work and Mission ,we extend our whole hearted services to the following areas ie Faith formation of people families and parishes, centers for perpetual adoration ,formation of young religious sisters ,developmental programmes for the women and the children.

          St. Chavara Kuriakose Elias, Founder Father of CMC, was declared as the saint  on 23th November 2014 by His Holiness Pope Fransis, and also St. Euphrasia, a member of the CMC. Thus shaped by Gods choicest blessings and providential care, CMC has a glorious history to be recorded and gratefully remembered.

                                                           CMC MISSION IN INDIA


Our 1383 sisters of 231 houses of Mission are engaged zealously in the proclamation of the kindom of God through various apostolates  in 51 Dioceses of 21 States in India. There are 206 Parishes and 225 mission centers at which our sisters work in right earnest for the spreading of the kingdom of God through evangelization .

Mission in Foreign Land


The Lord has called us to serve in the African Mission ‘the fertile soil of the Holy Catholic Church.’ New evangelization as well as re-evangelization is needed in this mission. We should give great importance to, the spiritual, moral and social welfare of the families, Christian formation of women and children through education and the growth and development of the local church by all possible means.

America and Europe

There is considerable relevance at present for the missionary activities in the developed countries that are slipping into apostasy, dormancy and atheism, and thereby distance themselves from the firm tradition of faith. We have to re-evangelize the continents like America, Europe etc, through our various apostolic activities, instilling the value of life, faith vision and eternal goal of human life.

In parish activities we have to collaborate with the parish priest in teaching catechism and rendering other pastoral services for the Christian formation of the people of God, especially women and children. We must be in the forefront to give leadership in prayer groups for the people of God, in sharing the Word of God, in nurturing family life and in encouraging local vocations.

The decision regarding erection or suppression of a foreign mission, entrusting one province/handing over from one province to another/bringing under central administration is taken by General Council in consultation with the plenary and the concerned Provincial Council.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               For the coordination of our sisters who serve or study in developed countries a Co-ordinator (Regional Superior) is appointed by the Superior General with the consent of her council. The rights, responsibilities and term of office of the Co-ordinator are decided by the General Council.