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Pushparam Province, Dehradun

                    It was in 1958 that Cardinal Joseph Parecattil called Mother Agnes the then mother General of Ernakulum C.M.C and directed her to give a positive response to the mission call from the Jalandhar Exarchate. Mother Agnes agreed and on 16th July 1958 boarded the G.T Express with four pioneers and reached Punjab on 20th July 1958 and was joyously received by Msgr. Alban Swarbrick the Vicar apostolic of Jalandhar. Soon an English Medium Primary school was started as their first step of proclamation of the Good News.

            Sisters are involved in various apostolic activities ie faith formation, education,healing and social work .During summer vacations sisters used to stay in villages for intensive catechism teaching and house visiting and it was really a mission experience. In some places sisters are engaged in social work and medical help in remote areas. Wherever direct proclamation of the word of God is not possible sisters share the love of Jesus through their dedicated services in every field and they are able to give a Christian presence. The C.M.C seed sowed in Punjab sprouted in time spreading its branches in different directions. More and more sisters willingly came forward to serve in areas where the message of Christ has not reached. Pushparam has 31 stations committed to her care and 221 sisters work for the kingdom.

            Year of foundation 1958 No. of Convents 31, No. of Sisters 222, No. of Dioceses -8. Simla Chandigrah, Meerut, Jammu Sreenagar, Bijnor, Rajkot, Jalandhar, Faridabad, EKM-AGLY. No. of states 7 Hariyana, U.P., Uttarkhand, J&K, Gujarat, Panjab, Kerala. No. of Native sisters 7.


                CMC Jaya Matha Province Pala ventured out in the active mission field of Chanda on  16th June 1963.  Rt.Rev.Msgr.Januarius CMI the first exarch of Chanda approached Mother Ursula , the then provincial of Pala and invited them  to cooperate with him in the field of evangelization through education.As per the invitation our pioneer sisters Sr.Kochuthresia & Sr.Milani set out on 14th June 1963under the leadership of Sr.Flora the first Councillor . After one month Sr.Dominic and Sr.Henritta came from Kerala and started the English medium School, which was a medium for evangelization .Our mission was a land where the message of Jesus Christ was not heard and there was not even a single catholic family belonging to this place. Emphasis was given to faithformation of the new community of Christians by introducing Seven Point Programme .      

            To tackle the problems and to uplift them from the down trodden situations various schemes and projects for  social betterment of the people like development of women by Mahila mandal, self help programmes, low cost houses, Construction of toilets, HIV/AIDS care centre, irrigation wells special school etc have also been undertaken by the sisters. The seedling planted here has grown into a mighty tree with 16 houses and 93 sisters .

Year of foundation 1963 No. of Convents 16, No. of Sisters 93, No. of Dioceses 5 Adilabad, Warangal, Eluru, Hydrabad, Pala. No. of states 2 A.P., Kerala. No. of Native sisters 8.

Carmel Mata Province , Hazaribag

                We C.M.C Sisters of Carmel Mata Province, Hazaribag made our entry into North Indian Mission in the year 1968 More than 80% of our sisters work in village areas among tribals. Our services in the Schools, Dispensaries, Hospitals, Jail Ministry and people empowerment programmes, especially women empowerment attempts have helped the growth of the people and the Church. Our Province is unique in having most of its mission stations in tribal belts.

                In  Mahuadanr, our first mission station in Jharkhand state, we started with a Hospital. Our presence and influence gave great health consciousness to the poor Tribals. Their faith life has improved very much.Sisters are actively involved in the field of faith formation education ,healing ministry,Parish activities, youth ministry and social work.

            Year of foundation 1968, No.of Convents 20, No. of Sisters 136, No. of Dioceses10 Hazaribag,Daltonganj,Kolkatta,Bhagalpur,Satna,Ambikapur,Baruipur,Ranchi,Jamshedpur,kotha-mangalam. No. of states 5 Jharkhand,MP,Chattisgarh,W.Bengal, Kerala. No. of Native sisters-21

Carmelodaya Province Wardha , Maharashtra

            Bishop Januarius Palathuruthy CMI , the then Exarch of Chanda approached Mother Margaret Mary the then Mother General of Thrissur and asked her to spare a few sisters to work in Chanda.   Since , it was the deep desire of the Congregation , Mother Margaret Mary sent Sr.Rita Sr.Teresa, Sr.Pulcheria and Sr.Euphamia to the fertile land of Chanda mission.  Treading the most difficult path, in July 1962 they took charge of the school in military campus at Pulgaon in Maharashtra. On first November 1962 the same year we started  Lady Fatima Convent at Sirpur  - Kaghaznagar , A.P to render our service at Fatima Nursing home. Later on 16th July 1963 we started an English Medium School there.

            The church in its infant stage had to undergo lots of hardships to cope up with the people of totally different cultures and traditions. Aiming at this we also took efforts in having simple village houses for direct evangelization purpose. By means of catechism, house visits, family prayers, family counselling, health awareness classes, special schools, social work centers, dispensaries, mobile clinic etc. we tried to change the existing problems in the church.

Year of foundation 1962, No.of Convents 18, No. of Sisters 127, No. of Dioceses7 Chanda,Amaravathy,Kalyan,Nagpur,Adilabad,Bangalore,Irinjalakuda. No. of states-4 Maharashtra,Karnataka,AP, Kerala. No. of Native sisters-8

Mount Carmel Province, Bhopal.

            Holy Queens Province Changanacherry, started its first mission in the Arch Diocese of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, in 1968. They started their ministry in a very humble way in a rented house at Piplani, Bhopal. Thanks to the then Mother Provincial, Sr. Treasa Margaret Kalathil and her team who confidently took up this challenging mission. Their main apostolates were Christian formation through education ,Teaching Catechism , Helping the parish priest in administering the Sacraments , Organizing seminars, camps etc. for the children and the parents of catholic families , Visiting houses regularly and Conducting prayer meetings and retreats for the parishioners and school children.

             Later, more convents were opened in different parts of the Archdiocese, and in other Dioceses and states too. The sisters have taken up parish animation, family apostolate,healing ministry, social work activities, HIV/AIDS care centers,village developmental programmes, counselling and above all, imparting Christian formation through education .

            Year of foundation 1968, No.of Convents 18, No. of Sisters 107, No. of Dioceses5 Bhopal,Ujjain,Balasore,Agra,Changanacherry. No. of states-4 MP,UP,Orissa, Kerala. No. of Native sisters-6

Sanjoe Province, Dimapur

            Sanjoe Province, Dimapur which is an offshoot of Jaya Matha Province, Pala is very unique in many respects. Into this land of North East CMC set foot on 28th January 1966 when the zealous band of missionaries Sr. Agnes, Sr. Jerome, Sr. Bernard and Sr. Grace Maria landed at Imphal, capital of Manipur. The then Provincial Superior Mother Ursula of Pala Province and her enthusiasm and missionary zeal boldly accepted the challenge extended by the late Bishop Hubert Rosario, the then Bishop of Dibrugarh, who was instrumental in this new venture of CMC in the North East.

            CMC started her missionary life in North East with the Salesian Fathers. CMC started her missionary life in North East with the Salesian Fathers. Late Rev. Fr. Peter Bianchi SDB was much concerned about the well being of the sisters .Nirmalabas which was the residence of Salesian fathers was offered for the stay of sisters.

            Education is an integral part of the evangelizing mission of the church. We give our service to the school owned by the diocese and opened boarding houses for girls to provide quality education. For the upliftment of young girls we opened Grihini centres in almost all the convents. When sisters arrived first, medical facilities were practically zero. Nurse Sisters took care of the sick in our dispensaries. Medicines were made available to the people whenever sisters visited the villages.Through Chavara Home, a care and support centre for HIV/AIDS the least accepted people in the society get enough love and care. Touring programme is unique in North east. Sisters together with the Catechist tour the far away villages, stay 10-15 days in the village and instruct the people for different sacraments. It is a good news that we have the privileged chance of direct evangelization in North East. The fruit of our labour is seen in the number of people who received Jesus and the number of priests and sisters from our own soil.

            Year of foundation 1966, No. of Convents 27, No. of Sisters 143, No. of Dioceses7 Imphal, Kohima, Itanagar,Tezpur, Diphu, Guwahati, Pala. No. of states-6 manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Kerala. No. of Native sisters - 67


Rt.Rev.Msgr.Clemens Thottungal took up the charge of the Exarchate of Sagar in 1968. It was his sincere desire to open a Carmelite convent in Sagar Exarchate . Hence he approached Mother Borgia , the Provincial Superior of Trichur Province .The Provincial council agreed to start Pavitra Hridai convent at Bina, in M.P .The pioneers of the convent were Sr.Mary Zacharia-Superior, Sr.Climacus, Sr.Rogellus nurse, Sr.Jessintha and Sr.Vivian. The convent is inaugurated on 21st January 1970.

            Nirmal Jyoti under the shadow of the Almighty God growing in Sagar, Jabalpur, Gorakhpur, Bhopal and Thrissur Dioceses with 14 houses .The sisters of Nirmal Jyoti Province are mainly engaged in the apostolate of faith formation, education, healing and social work.Our main social work centers are Shanti Dham- a home for the aged and sick people who are abandonded ,Asha-Kiran A rehabilitation centre for railwayplatform children and Pratyasha-a social work unit for rural development, Social Justice and women empowerment.

Year of foundation 1970, No.of Convents 16, No. of Sisters 117, No. of Dioceses5,Sagar


Gorakpur.Jabalpur.Thrissur,Bhopal, No. of states-6 MP,UP,Kerala. No. of Native sisters-5