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Mission Regions

Christo Region, Indore (M.P)

Jai Christo Province, Palakkad

            The history of Christo Region Indore dates back to the year 1965 when the first mission station Pavanatma, Burhanpur was opened as the first child of CMC of Nirmala Province, Thrissur, in the soil of MP. The pioneers of this first mission were Sr.Nicholas, Sr.Joshua and Sr.Sanitas. They arrived in this Mugul city on 3rd Nov.1965with the fervor of missionaries Through the medium of education church became the uniting bond between the two main cultures in Burhanpur, Hindus and Muslims. By educating their children, the church could enter into their lives, opening their hearts to the Christian values. Sisters are involved in parish activities, healing ministry and social work .They give regular catechism; do the preparation for holy mass and sacraments. Regularly visiting the house they attend to the spiritual needs of the people. Youth activities are alive and they take part in national and international events. Adult baptisms, rectification of marriage, charismatic retreats etc are arranged often. A small Christian village of tribals is formed by those families who have come to the city seeking work.By this time our missionary work was spread to other areas of MP.Now  52 sisters of Indore Region are working for the kingdom by radiating the message of Jesus Christ. 

Year of foundation 1965, No.of Convents 10, No. of Sisters 54, No. of Dioceses4 Indore,Khandwa,Jhabua,Palakkad. No. of states-2  MP,Kerala. No. of Native sisters-1   

Chavara Region , Kanyakumari

Holy Queens Province,Changanacherry

           In 1967,priests from the Congregation of Mary Immaculate(CMI)joined the Syro-Malabar mission in Kanyakumari district.In 1969 CMC Sisters were invited to Knyakumari mission by the Regional Superior,Very.Rev.Fr.Probus CMI,of Trivandrum region.Thus the first CMC convent Prakash Bhavanwas started at Kaliyal,Kanyakumari on 24June,1969.

            The establishment of the convent had the objective of bringing up the local people on Christian,moral and cultural values.Also ,under the leadership of Rev.Fr.Valerius CMI,our sisters took up educational ministry-the instruction of women and children who are generally marginalized .Besides regular duties as teacher/nurse, our sisters are called in to do various services at church/mission stations.Later we started other convents in other centers of Kannyakumari Region.Sisters are involved in faith formation, education ,healing ministry,care centre for HIV/AIDS patients  and special schools for the different abled.

            Year of foundation 1969,No.of Convents11,No.of Sisters51,No.of Dioceses-2,Thuckalay,Changanacherry, No. of states-2 TamilNadu,,Kerala. No. of Native sisters-4


Jaya Matha Province, Pala

            The sisters of Jaya Matha Province Pala began their missionary work  in Jagdalpur , the newly formed exarchate on 23rd June 1972 at the invitation of Rt. Rev. Msgr. Paulinose Jeerakathu CMI the then exarch. Mother Mary Angel the then Mother Provincial of Pala Province sent the pioneer sisters Sr. Rositta,Sr. Mary Patience and Sr. Lucin Mary to start the first convent of  Jagdalpur  exarchate in Kirandul. They started their apostalate in Prakash Vidyalaya Kirandul and they acted as leaven in the small parish community there. With the zeal and spirit of early Christians and the commitment of the early missionaries they went ahead with their mission.From Kirandul sisters  extended their activities to other parts of the state.

            In 1997 sisters took another significant step that they extended their activities to Raipur diocese rendering service in a Parish and school at Bhattapara.In the long run the CMC at Jagdalpur and Raipur Dioceses flourished as aRegion in 1998 with 6 convents expanding their services by many a means including Parish avtivities,village development programmes,dispensaries,clinics, boarding ministry, vocational Training centres and schools. Whatever activities we do our main concern is to impart Jesus love to all the people who come in contact with us.

            Year of foundation 1972, No.of Convents 10, No. of Sisters 50, No. of Dioceses3 Jagadalpur,Raipur,Pala. No. of states-2 Chattisgarh, Kerala. No. of Native sisters-7


Pavanatma Province,Kothamangalam.

             Vimal Jyothi Region is an offshoot of Pavanathma Province Kothamanglam comprising 8 houses and 35 members, who are engaged in spreading the Light of Christ, through various apostolic activities in collaboration with the Rajkot Diocese. Pavanathma Province Kothamangalam stepped into the mission soil of Gujarat in the year 1979 at the request of the late Bishop Jonas Thaliath the first Bishop of Rajkot Diocese. The pioneers were Sr. Celestine Sr. Della, Sr.Vijaya, Sr. Betty and Sr. Therese Maria.

            A vibrant step can make the way different. Imbibing the vision and mission of our founding fathers, Bl. Chavara and Fr. Leopold we nurture our call through the ministries of education, social work, healing ministry, pastoral work, boarding houses etc. .Sisters take every effort to empower the women and children of the society. In order to cultivate a genuine belief in the hearts of the people, sisters take up various developmental programmes. Gujarat is a fertile land for the missionaries but the percentage of Christianity is only 0.56%. Yet we could touch the hearts of many through our sincere efforts . May God send His showers of blessings upon this land.

            Year of foundation 1979, No.of Convents 8, No. of Sisters 31, No. of Dioceses2 Rajkot,kothamangalam. No. of states-2 Gujarat, Kerala.


MaryMatha Province ,Angamaly

Rev.Mother Silvia CMC,the Mother General accepted the invitation of Bishop Rajappa the then Bishop of Kurnool.Through Fr. Kuncheria Medayil.Our sisters from various provinces, Sr.Bertilla (Pala) Sr.Stanis (Pala), Sr.Amenda (Thrissur) stepped into AP soil on July 17th 1976.This rural Mission Station was developed by the great visionary, Rev. Fr. Kasken who toiled for the spiritual, physical, moral development of Sirvel.We started a small dispensary as the beginning of our apostolic activities in this Mission Station.

 This house at Sirvel which was a residence under Generalate was handed over to Ernakulum Province in 1978 and later to Angamaly Province in 1987.Sisters render their service in faith formation, education ministry healing ,social work and village developmental programmes. Sisters are so fervent in the Pastrol work  and are working in the T.B Sanatorium of Kadappa Diocese.  The Gruhinis school which trains the young girls in tailoring and enables them to be ideal mothers in the future , is a blessing.

            Year of foundation 1976, No.of Convents 10, No. of Sisters 64, No. of Dioceses3 Kurnool,Kadappa,EKM-AGLY. No. of states-2 AP, Kerala. No. of Native sisters-4

                             Avila Mission- Maharastra

                                      (Vimala Province, Ernakulam


            CMC started her first missionary endeavor in July 1958 when Rev. Mother Agnes ,the superior General of the sisters of Ernakulam   ventured to send sisters to the Northern Missions-

Jalandhar Mission,later Pushparam Province,Kurnool-AP and Sudan in Africa.


             Vimala Province stepped into North Indian mission in 1989 accepting the invitation of the then Bp. of Kalyan Mar Paul Chittilappilly.Among six houses of Avila mission 4 houses are working under the Eparchy of Kalyan which were established only for migrant Syrian Catholics from Kerala. Other two houses in Delhi & Faridabad are working under Faridabad Diocese for the same cause.Sisters are involved in  field of education,faith formation and social work activities. In collaboration with CMI congregation, Vincentian congregation in Kalyan Diocese and Faridabad Diocese we extend our service through pastoral care.Sisters conduct regular medical camps ,free tut ion centers,autorikshaw drivers association and sisters work in Remand home.where the young criminals enjoy the love of Jesus Christ through the very presence of sisters.

            Year of foundation 1989, No.of Convents 6, No. of Sisters 24, No. of Dioceses2

Kalyan,Faridabad. No. of states-3 Maharashtra,Hariyana,Delhi.

Kalyan Mission-Maharastra

Nirmala Province  -  Thrissur

                   CMC sisters from Nirmala Province Thrissur,started their missionary venture by sending sisters to Chanda Mission(1962),Indore Mission (1965)Coimbatore Mission(1967)and Sagar Mission(1970).His Exc.Mar Paul Chittilappilly invited our  sisters to serve in Kalyan  Mission. In 1989,  4  of our sisters had been  to Pune for mission work, which became the first C.M.C. convent (Nirmala Convent) in Kalyan. They started their activities by opening a creche and K.G classes in 1993. In 1999,  a school  was built in Kharadi which has grown up into a full fledged  High  School now. Another C.M.C. house, Carmel Convent was started at  Khopoli in 1989, which is rendering wonderful services to the people around for their all round development through education and other services.

            Besides, the intellectual formation of the students,  training in catechesis, moral education, house gatherings,  family visits also are given.  A new Convent Vijayamatha Convent was started at Tiku ji- Ni- Wadi in 2009 which takes care of Pastroal activities only.

            Year of foundation 1989, No.of Convents 5, No. of Sisters 33, No. of Dioceses1 Kalyan, No. of state-1 ,Maharashtra. No. of Native sisters-2

Karnataka & Poonch Mission

St. Joseph Province Thalassery

During the year of 1960, daughters of CMC St. Joseph Province Thalassery started their mission life at Karnataka.  It was primarly to deepen the faith of the faithful who had migrated to Karnataka from different parts of Kerala     Accepting the invitation of Rt. Rev. Sebastian Valloppily, Mother Agnes, Regional superior of Thalassery with the permission of the first Mother General Sr. Mary Celine, sent Sr. Juliana , Sr. Josepha, Sr. Cicily and Sr. Jobitta with the mission of starting the first CMC convent at Karnataka. Later the Mission at Karnataka expanded to different places like Dharmastala, Mundaje, Guthigar, Muthur and the mission accepted different fields for its service.  The prime importance was always given to the service of our mother church.

            In 1990 CMC St. Joseph Province Thalassery got an invitation from Rev. Fr. Justin CMI, The Provincial Superior of St Thomas Province Kozhikkodu for the apostolic ministry with CMI fathers in Poonch mission.  St. Joseph province  received the invitation and started our new house in Poonch mission with the blessings of Mother Adria , Provincial of that time.  Mar. Hipolitus Kunnumkal OFM cap, who played an important role in the unification of CMC, was our Bishop of Jammu- Srinagar Diocese at that time. 

            Sisters are involved in various apostolic activities through education sisters get many chances to serve the people .They are very active in parish activities. Sisters arrange developmental programmes through social work. They run  special schools for the mentally chal lenged and vocational training centers .


            Year of foundation 1960, No.of Convents 8, No. of Sisters 40, No. of Dioceses2 Belthangadi,Jammu-Sreenagar. No. of states-2 Karnataka,Jummu-Kashmir. No. of Native sisters-23 .

Chennai Mission

Udaya  Province  , Irinjalakuda

            Sisters from Udaya Province Irinjalakuda started Chennai Mission. With the permission of the Arch Bishop Kasimeer Gnanadickam (Madras-Mylapore) and Bp. Mar James Pazhayattil (Irinjalakuda) , Mother Osmund, the Provincial Superior took the leadership to start Chennai Mission .The first house was started  in a rented house at IAF Avadi in Muthapudhupat village.The first 3 members were Sr.Arnalda, Sr.Rupert and Sr.Joel. The dream of the Province to begin a special school for mentally retarded children was realized on 14th June 1993 in Avadi and later carmel tailoring unit too.

             Beginning of Carmel Public School Veppumpet is the second venture  of CMC sisters  to spread Gospel values at Chennai . It was started   on 15th August 2005 and opened another convent  with the purpose of doing pastoral service  at Ayanavaram on  June  2006 .

            Year of foundation 1991, No.of Convents 3, No. of Sisters 15, No. of Dioceses1Chennai, No. of state-1 ,TamilNadu. No. of Native sisters-2

Amala Mission

Amala Province, Kanjirappally

                According to the invitation of the Bishop of Ajmer Rt.Rev.Ignatius Menezis, Rev.Mother Petit Tresa the Provincial Superior and her council started the first house in Rajasthan at  Alwar and Jaipur on 20th June 1988.Later Amala Mission expanded their service to Faridabad Tonk, Lonand(MS)

                Sisters are mainly in the teaching apostolate. They are serving  in the schools of diocese and also of the congregation. They are very much church oriented and are involved in all the activities of the Church.Sisters run local medium school for the poor,manage a tailoring centre and Balawadies in villages.In Bagarana village women cell is functioning effectively.

            Year of foundation 1958, No.of Convents 6, No. of Sisters 35, No. of Dioceses3 Delhi-Faridabad,Jaipur-Ajmeer,Kalyan. No. of states-3 Rajasthan,Hariyana,MS.



(Sacred Heart Province, Mananthavady)

            As the Regional Superior of Thalassery Region, Mother Agnes  accepted the call from the Bishop of Thalassery Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Valloppilly, to go and serve the people of God at NR Pura, Karnataka State. Thus on the 27th of December 1967 the first group of four sisters Mother Juliana, Sr Josepha, Sr Cicily and Sr Jobitta started their journey to N R Pura, the unknown land with unfamiliar language and culture. Mother Agnes accompanied them with daring courage and absolute faith in God. Thus the first convent, St. Josephs Convent, was blessed by Rev. Fr.Mark CMI, on the 27th of December 1967.

            With great enthusiasm, the sisters started their mission. They tried to mould the people there into a living community of faith and worship and through pastoral work, village visits, catechism classes, prayer meetings etc Gradually their field of work was extended to eight mission centers. Sisters are involved in the field of education ,healing ministry and other developmental programmes in the rural areas through social work Through the dedicated and whole hearted service of our missionaries, much has been done, and there is much more to be done.

            Year of foundation 1967, No.of Convents 11, No. of Sisters 61, No. of Dioceses2 Mandya,Bhadravathi. No. of states-2 Karnataka, TamilNadu. No. of Native sisters-42 .


Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

Jai Christo Province , Palakkad

In 1959 was indeed a milestone for the CMC congregation as it marked the beginning of missionary work in Palakkad. A few sisters of CMC Thrissur Nirmala Province came to Palakkad and started a Convent in Kallikkad, under the able guidance of  the then Mother General Margeret Mary. Treading steadily with Vision and Mission of CMC it established its missionary activities in the state of Tamilnadu especially Coimbatore district in the year 1967. The first Convent Avila  was founded in 1967. It had a humble beginning in  a small house hired in Saibaba colony by Mother Provincial Mother Mary Patience. His Excellency Mar George Alappatt , the Bishop of Thrissur  blessed  the new convent.

To enhance and ensure women power, Avila Convent started a tailoring centre to give financial support to the economically backward women. Later, sisters started more convents educational institutions ,special schools,socialwork centers and vocational training centers, in different parts of the state. The sisters take  active part in all church activities and for the spiritual upliftment of the people in the locality.

            Year of foundation 1967, No.of Convents 6, No. of Sisters 46, No. of Dioceses1 Ramanathapuram, No. of state-1 TamilNadu. No. of Native sisters-4 .