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1 .Reputation Management

    Increase CMC’s reputation within the congregation.

    Improve sister’s opinions of our congregation significantly.

2. Relationship Management

    Promote better appreciation of our congregation among the public.

    Enhance relationship between the Generalate and provinces through regular communication.

3. Task Management  

      Increase public support

      Concern over achieving tasks


   To reach our messages/views to the members of our congregation and in special needs to the public.


3 Levels of Objectives

Ø Awareness

Ø Acceptance

Ø Action



    i.   Serve as the “voice” of the congregation, sharing information to the public about the congregation’s mission, convictions, needs and activities.

    ii.   Maintain CMC website. Responsible for congregation’s outgoing message.

    iii.  Create a press packet that explains the congregation’s mission which provides a brief history of the congregation and its leadership and include ways that people can become involved.

    iv. Use a press release to announce a new ministry or if someone from our congregation has done something newsworthy or been a part of an international/national story, send out a press release and offer to introduce reporters to the person. (We may                not get coverage for every notice we send out, but we’ll increase the odds of receiving positive press coverage by keeping our contacts informed and consistently giving them story/ ideas).

    v.  Schedule special events such as camps, conferences, meetings, seminars etc.

    vi. Participate in denominational activities aimed at goals such as promoting interfaith understanding or providing aid to new or small congregations.

    vii.Highlighting the reputable tasks of our sisters through our website.

    viii. Give timely and quick counsels/help by availing the service of resourceful personnel in case of crisis management.

    ix. Respond to the social issues in collaboration with our educational/charitable institutions.  

    x.  Build an outreach file that includes contact names for all the media in our area, including television reporters and producers, radio personalities and newspaper reporters and editors.

    xi. Publicize programs through sources such as newsletters, bulletins and mailings.

    xii. Encourage the opportunities to interpret the message of our congregation, views and standpoint to the public through speaking, leading discussions and writing articles for local and national publications.

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