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Mother Mary Celine - Servant of God

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Mother Mary Celine - Servant of God

Mother Mary Celine the first Mother General of uifies CMC enjoyed the richest treasures of divine presence within her and abiding in the love pf her Spouse, crucified Jesus Christ she heroically respondedew to her vocation. She was born on 10th December 1906 in the family of Payyapilly at Mallussery village of Muzhikkulam parish and she was called to eternal rest on 23rd April 1993. she was most dealy loved to the end of her life to live in the spirit of intence charity by by being a blessing through her innumerable humble and challenging services to tyhe poor and needy around.Remedying the void and desperateness created in the minds of the people of God she reached out them through prayer and selfless service. she could lead the people of God to the green pastures of prayer and fresh water of brotherly love as well. Her death and aftermath are fully in accordance with her life.

 Mother Mary celine was the first Mother General of unified CMC. her advices and teachings to her daughtes are published with the title" mathrumozhikal" through the words of this book we could see a zeolous soul fro God and Human. she used to say : 'oh! Holy Trinity , my fortune" . She was Alone with the Alone and she enjoyed, celebrated her life with the indwelling precesnce of Trinity and alwys enthusuastic toshare that joy and experience with others. 

On April 9th 2018 she was declared as the Servant of God by the Major Arch bishop of Syro Malabar Church Cardinal Mar George Alencherry at Ernakulam Angamaly arch dioscece house, Ernakulam. April 23rd is the day of her rememberence.