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Apostolate of Healing

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Apostolate of Healing

Healing Ministry

Healing ministry, the noblest field for the protection of life imbibes the spirit of the words of Jesus Christ who says “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (Jn10:10).  The consecrated who work in the field of healing ministry are specially called for nurturing a culture of life in this world. They are the ones who look after, nurture and safeguard human life from the moment of inception in the mother’s womb till the new life in the tomb.

Remembering the words of our Founder Father who exhorts, ‘many people have reached the heights of holiness by lovingly serving the sick,’110  our sisters in healing ministry shall become witnesses to the merciful love of Christ                      (cf. Mt 25:36). Understanding the needs of the time we must give special consideration in our service to the alcoholics, drug addicts, those who are rejected by their own dear ones and those who need palliative care.

Our Health Care Centres are to be houses of consolation, merciful love and healing. We must instil Gospel values in the sick to make their experiences of sickness, suffering and death redemptive and lead them to be hopeful even in the midst of sufferings. Along with the acquisition of scientific and technological knowledge for the protection and promotion of life, we must be alert to remain faithful to the moral teachings of the Church.