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Eco - Friendliness and Protection

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Eco - Friendliness and Protection

Eco-friendliness and Protection

This universe, filled with God’s presence and glory (cf. Rom 1:20) with its entire splendour, is the precious gift of God to humanity. As the crown of creation, we are called for ecological fellowship. Love and respect for nature is part and parcel of the ancient Indian, Eastern and Carmelite Spirituality and traditions. We should be able to love nature, and thank and praise God for His presence in the nature.

The uncontrollable exploitation of the resources of nature, is a sin against the protection of life. We have the responsibility to organize programmes for the preservation of nature, by fighting against the evils such as adulteration of food, global warming and hoarding of food, water pollution etc and thus keep nature green for the good and benefit of humanity.

CMC had taken up this as  a special call to be the witess of greene-vangelisation. through the institutions, variuos programmes, functions, CMC alwys try to stand as "green" and promote to be green.