• Let's move forward to the Marginalized with the Joy of the Gospel.

Lower Primary Schools

NAME St.Antony's LPS (CHY)
Place: Alappuzha
Pin: 688011
Phn No: 0477-2263777
NAME St.Joseph's L.P. School
Place: Arakuzha
Address: Muvattupuzha
Pin: 686 672
Phn No: 0485 2255028
NAME Holy Angel's Convent - LP. School
Place: Aroormuzhy
Address: Vettilapara .P.O Via Chalakudy , Thrissur . Dt , Kerala
Pin: 680 721
Phn No: 0480- 2769015
NAME Holy Angels CLP School
Place: Aroormuzhy
Address: Vettilappara P O, Aroormuzhy
Pin: 680307
NAME St.Philomina's LPS (CHY)
Place: Arpookara
Address: Villoonni.P.O Arpookara Kottayam (Dt)
Pin: 686008
Phn No: 0481- 2594441
Email: stphilominaslps@gmail.com
NAME Mount Carmel L.P.S Bagrana
Place: Bagrana
Address: Mount Carmel L.P.S Bagarana Mali Ki Kothi Bagarana Kanotha P.O Agra Road Rajasthan
Pin: 303012
Phn No: 01412681212
Email: bagarana@hotmail.com
NAME St Joseph L P School
Place: Beslehem
Address: St. Joseph L P School Beslehem Karukutty North
Pin: 683 576
NAME Carmel Convent Hindi Medium School
Place: BHEL (Bhopal)
Address: Carmel Convent Hindi Medium School B.H.E.L. Bhopal M.P
Pin: 462021
NAME St.James Eng.Med.L.P.School
Place: Chambakkara
Address: Poonithura,Chambakkara, Kochi Ernakulam Dist.
Pin: 682038
Phn No: 0484 - 2305686
NAME Mount Carmel Convent Marathi Medium School,
Place: Chandrapur
Address: Mul Road, Shashtri Nagar, Chandrapur - 442401. Dist.Chandrapur. Maharashtra (WDA)
Pin: 442401
Phn No: 08806196642
NAME St.Joseph's Eng.Med.School
Place: Changanacherry
Address: Changanacherry.P.O Changanacherry
Pin: 686101
Phn No: 0481-242o458
NAME St.Joseph's LPS
Place: Changanacherry
Address: Changanacherry.P.O Changanacherry
Pin: 686101
Phn No: 0481-3292996
NAME Desabendhu L.P. School
Place: Chathamma
Address: Chathamma (CMC) Panangad
Pin: 682 506
NAME Jayamatha Convent LP School
Place: Cheloor
Address: Edathirinji , Thrissur .Dt Kerala
Pin: 680 122
Phn No: 0480 - 2824946
NAME St. Mary's L. P School
Place: Edathiranji
Address: Edathiranji,
Pin: 680 122
NAME St.Thomas, L.P.School
Place: Edathnattukara
Address: St.Thomas, L.P.School Edathnattukara,Uppukulam Palakkad Dt.
Pin: 678601
Phn No: 0492-4266318
NAME St.Marys C.G.L.P.School
Place: Ernakulam
Address: Market Road,Ernakulam -682035.
Pin: 682035
Phn No: 0484 - 2373353
NAME Newman L.P.School
Place: Idukki
Pin: 685 602
Phn No: .(0486) 2235441, 9446 137659
NAME Little Flower L.P.School
Place: Irinjalakuda
NAME Lisieux Carmel LPS (CHY)
Place: Ithithanam
Address: Ithithanam . P.O Ithithananam Kottayam (DT)
Pin: 686535
Phn No: 0481-2726096
NAME Lisiux Carmel L P School
Place: Ithithanam
Pin: 686535
NAME Lisiux Carmel L. P. School
Place: Ithithanam
Pin: 686535
NAME Mt.Carmel L.P.School
Place: Jellipara
Address: Mt.Carmel L.P.School Jellippara, Palakkad Kerala
Pin: 678582
Phn No: 0492-4254628
NAME Little flower L P School
Place: Kainakary
Pin: 688501
NAME LittleFlower LPS (CHY)
Place: Kainakary
Address: Kainakary P.O Kainakary Alappuzha (Dt)
Pin: 688501
Phn No: 0477-2724490
NAME Infant Jesus English Medium School
Place: Kakkadampoil
Address: Infant Jesus English Medium School Kakkadampoil P.O. Koodaranji (Via), Kozhikode Dt., Kerala
Pin: 673 604
NAME Sacred Heart of Mary's Convent LP School
Place: Kandassankadavu
Address: Sr.Christin Jose CMC (H.M) S.H of Mary's MCLPS P.O Kandassankadavu
Pin: 680 613
Phn No: 0487 2637146
Email: shmaryclps@yahoo.com
NAME St.Theresa's LPS
Place: Kanimangalam
Address: Sr.Mercy Paul CMC(H.M) St.Theresa's LPS P.O. Kanimangalam
Pin: 680 026
Phn No: 0487 2448886
Email: st.teresasclpschool@gmail.com
NAME St. Little Flower Eng. Med. L.P. School (unaided)
Place: Kanjoor
Address: Kanjoor P.O. 683575 Ernakulam Dt.
Pin: 683575
Phn No: (0484) 2464651
Email: littileflowerlpskanjoor@gmail.com
NAME St. Paul's L.P School
Place: Kannikara
Address: Thazhekad P.O Pin- 680 697 Thrissur Dt- Kerala
Phn No: 0480- 2785182
Email: stpaulkannikara@gmail.com
NAME A L.P.School
Place: Karapadam.
NAME Vidya Nikethan Eng. Med. L.P.S. (unaided)
Place: Karukutty
Address: Karukutty. P.O. 683576 Ernakulam Dt.
Pin: 683576
Phn No: (0484) 2612633
NAME St. Joseph's LPGS (aided)
Place: Karukutty
Address: Karukutty P.O. 683576 Ernakulam Dt.
Pin: 683576
Phn No: (0484) 2612999
Email: stjosephslps@gmail.com
NAME Nava Deepthi Eng. Med. L.P. School (unaided)
Place: Karumallur
Address: Karumallur, 683511 Ernakulam Dt.
Pin: 683511
Phn No: (0484) 2690716
Email: navadeepthikarumaloor@gmail.com
NAME Holy Family Public School
Place: Keechery
Address: Keechery, Kuliattikara
Pin: 682 315
Phn No: 0484 2745700
NAME Infant Jesus LP School
Place: Kenichira
Address: Infant Jesus LP School, Kenichira P.O Wayanad,Kerala
Pin: 673 596
Phn No: 04936 211025
NAME Avila Convent L.P. School
Place: Kodungallur
Pin: 680 664
Phn No: 0480 - 2802210
Place: Kottakkal
NAME Bethany LPS
Place: Kottapady
Address: Sr.Kochurani CMC (H.M) Bethany L.P.School Kottapady P.O
Pin: 680505
Phn No: 0487 2683037
Email: bclpskottapadi@gmail.com
NAME Arogyamatha L.P. School
Place: Kottathara.
Address: Kottathara, Attappady, Anaikatti Rd, Kottathara, Palakkad
Pin: 678581
Place: Kottekad
Address: Sr.Shiny Maria (H.M) St.Mary's CLPSchool P.O. Kuttur
Pin: 680 013
Phn No: 0487 2210982
Email: stmarysktd@yahoo.com
NAME Little Flower C. L.P.School
Place: Kumbidy
Address: Little Flower C. L.P.School - Kumbidy Annamanada P.O. ThrissurDt
Pin: 680 741
Phn No: 0480- 2770020
Email: littleflowerkumbidy@gmail.com
NAME Soccorso Convent L P School Kottakal
Place: Mala
Address: Soccorso Convent School Kottakal, Mala . Thrissur .Dt , Kerala
Pin: 680 732
NAME St. Mary's LPS (aided)
Place: Manjapra
Address: Manjapra P.O.
Pin: 683581
Phn No: 0484 2692662
Email: stmaryslpsmanjapra@gmail.com
NAME Amala English Medium L. P School
Place: Mithrakkary
Pin: 688 598
NAME Holy Redeemer's Convent L.PSchool
Place: Nadathara
Address: Sr.Lislet CMC (H.M) Holy Redeemer's LPSchool Nadathara
Pin: 680 751
Phn No: 0487 2375378
Email: ckcghs@gmail.com
NAME St.Joseph's LPS (CHY)
Place: Nalukody
Address: Nalukody P.O Paippadu Kottayam (Dt)
Pin: 686548
Phn No: 0481-2446020
NAME St.Teresa's LPS (CHY)
Place: Nedumkunnam
Address: Nedumkunnam P.O Nedumkunnam Kottayam (Dt)
Pin: 686542
Phn No: 0481-2415065
NAME St. Joseph's LPS (aided)
Place: North Karukutty,Besleham
Address: Karukutty North Karukutty P.O. Ernakulam Dt.
Pin: 683576
Phn No: (0484) 2451550
Email: stjosephslpsnkarukutty@gmail.com
NAME St.Mary's LPS
Place: Ollur
Address: Sr.Maries Margret (H.M) St.Mary's L.P School P.O.Ollur
Pin: 680 306
Phn No: 0487 2356948,9495465030
Email: stmarysclpsollur@gmail.com
NAME St.Raphael Cconvent LP School
Place: Ollur
Address: Sr.Lis Rose CMC (H.M) St.Raphael CLPSchool P.O. Ollur
Pin: 680 306
Phn No: 0487 2351616
Email: straphaelsclps@gmail.com
NAME Kanikkamatha L.P. School, Palakkad
Place: Palakkad
Address: Kanikkamatha Convent English Medium School Mercy College Junction, Palakkad-06
Pin: 678006
NAME Nirmala L.P. School
Place: Palakkad.
Address: Irumbakachola Road, Irumbakachola
Pin: 678591 ‎
NAME Carmel L.P. School
Place: Palakkayam.
Address: Palakkayam, PALAKKAD, Kerala
Pin: 678591
NAME St. Joseph LP School
Place: Palayamparambu
NAME St. John the Baptist C,L. P.School
Place: Pariyaram
Address: Pariyaram P.O, Trichur (Dt.) Kerala - India
Pin: 680 721.
Phn No: 0480-2747521
Email: stjbclpspariyaram@gmail.com
NAME St. JBC LP School
Place: pariyaram
Address: pariyaram
Pin: 680721
Place: Pavaratty
Address: Sr.Alphonsa CMC (H.M) CKC LPSchool Pavaratty P.O
Pin: 680 507
Phn No: 0487 2644927
Email: ckcpspvt@gmail.com
NAME Christ King Convent English Medium School
Place: Pavaratty
Address: Sr.Sudheepa CMC (H.M) CKC EMSchool Pavaratty P.O
Pin: 680 507
Phn No: 0487 2645253
Email: ckcemlps@gmail.com
NAME St. Antony's E. M. L. P. S.
Place: Pazhavangady
NAME Vimala Eng. Med. LPS (unaided)
Place: Perumbavoor
Address: Ernakulam Dt.
Pin: 683542
Phn No: (0484) 2812720
NAME Little Flower L.P.S.
Place: Poovathussery
Pin: 680741
NAME St.Elias L.P.S Puliyanmala
Place: Pulianmala
Address: St.Elias L.P.S Puliyanmala Puliyanmala P.O Idukki dt
Pin: 685515
Phn No: 04868- 270933,
Email: lflps933@gmail.com
NAME Amalolbhava L P School
Place: Pulinkunnu
Pin: 688504
NAME Little Flower Engllish Medium L. P. S.
Place: Pulinkunnu
Pin: 688504
NAME Pushparam School
Place: Pushparam School Chamampathal
Address: Pushparam School Chakompathal P.O Chakompathal Kottayam Dt.
Pin: 686517
Phn No: 0481-2459677
NAME Vimala Public L.P School
Place: Rajagiri
Address: Vimala Public school (CBSE), Pulickathotti P.O, Kodikulam, Rajagiri,Vellellu, Idukki (Dt),
Pin: 685582
Phn No: 0486- 2240057
NAME Shanthidham (Telgue)
Place: Ralamettupally
Address: Shanthidham C/o, Catholic Church Yessiahpallam, Rallamettupally Adilabad Dist. 504219(WDA)
Pin: 504219
Phn No: 0965208914
Email: Shanthidham1983@gmail.com
NAME Sacred Heart L.P.School
Place: Ramalloor
Address: Ramalloor,
Pin: 686 691
Phn No: 0485 2825827
NAME Carmelaram Conv. L.P. School
Place: Ramanchira
NAME S.H. L.P. School
Place: Ramapuram
Address: Ramapuram P.O., Kottayam
Pin: 686 576
Phn No: 04822 260357
NAME St.Georges L.P School
Place: Seenkara.
Address: St.George`s LP School Seenkara- Thavalam-678589 Attapady
Pin: 678 589.
Phn No: 0492-4204596
Email: stgeorgeslpsattappady@gmail.com
NAME Carmel Convent School
Place: Tezpur
Address: Noorbari, Harigaon, Nikamul Stara P.O, Tezpur, Sonitpur (Dt) Assam
Pin: 784 154
NAME Chavara L.P. School, Thamarassery
Place: Thamarassery
Address: Chavara L.P. School Thamarassery P.O. Kozhikode Dt., Kerala
Pin: 673 573
NAME Carmelaram Eng.Med.School (CHY)
Place: Thiruvalla
Pin: 689107
Phn No: 0469-2603299
NAME Santhome English Medium School, Thottumukkom
Place: Thottumukkom
Address: Santhome English Medium School Thottumukkom P.O. Kozhikode Dt., Kerala
Pin: 673 639
Phn No: 0483 2759461
NAME Infant Jesus L.P.School
Place: Thrikkakara
Address: Infant Jesus L.P.School Thrikkakara, Kochi, Ernakulam Dist.
Pin: 682021.
Phn No: 0484 - 2424870
Place: Thrissur
Address: Sr.Geethi Maria CMC (H.M) S.H.CLPSchool Thrissur 680 020
Phn No: 0487 2333955
Email: shclpschool2012@gmail.com
Place: Thrissur
Address: Sr.Jonsy CMC (H.M) S.H.EMLPSchool Thrissur - 680 020
Phn No: 0487 2336444,9037191884
Email: shcemlps@gmail.com
NAME Little Flower Matriculation School
Place: Tirupur.
Address: Little Flower Convent Mat. School,Andipalayam po)Tirupur,Tamil Nadu, India.
Pin: 641 687
Email: info@littleflowereducation.com
NAME St.Josephs Eng.Med. Nursery & L.P. School
Place: Trippunithura.
Address: Trippunithura.
Pin: 682301
NAME Lourd Matha Matriculation School
Place: Udumelpet.
Address: Sanganoor, Coimbatore.
Pin: 641020
NAME St.Josephs L.P.School
Place: Vaikom
Address: Pallipurathussery P.O. Vaikom
Pin: 686606
Phn No: 04829 212096
Place: Vattiara
Address: Vattiara LPS Vattiara Payam P O Edoor 670706
Pin: 670706
Phn No: 8281957637