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Sister Cleopatra glad to take part in proceedings



Sister Cleopatra is glad she got to visit Evuprasyamma also known as Mother Euphrasia and take part in the proceedings that beatified her.

Sister Cleopatra had come and met Evuprasyamma for her blessings and later became involved with the proceeding of beatification as vice-postulate. The procedures for conferring sainthood on Evuprasyamma took 28 years to complete.

After taking to asceticism, Sister Cleopatra went to meet the saint. After being blessed by her, Sister Cleopatra, then 16, returned the next year as novice at Ollur St Mary’s mission. She had conversed with the saint many times then. After Sister Cleopatra returned, Evuprasyamma expired.

When she came back after 34 years as provincial, proceedings to beatify Evuprassyamma started, following divine interventions. The processes that led to the sainthood of Evuprasyamma are history.

She said that she was but a medium for Evuprassyamma being named as a saint. She said that the chance to read an article during the main ceremony on Nov 23 is a recognition of her activities.


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